Weekly Update (Week 30, 2022)


This week I read a bit on how to do integration tests on Go, and setup a nice simple setup for BookFed where I can test the ActivityPub federation. I’ve also started to migrate from Java to Go the simple web app I had for note-taking (the one I use to write these updates).

Earlier this year I wrote a trivial Java Swing application, with the intent of showing different shortcuts I was learning and wanted to have at hand. In the end I didn’t use it as much, so I’ve replaced it with a simpler setup: a Firefox window without the address bar, which shows a static website with the shortcuts. I’m trying again VIM on VS Code, so I hope I can use it to remember some of the shortcuts.

On the sporty side, had a terrible bouldering session on Tuesday but I got my vengeance on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll start to do some flexibility exercises as well, hope they help. I’m using an Android app called Exercise Timer for that. Also had a good 4-hours long biking session on Sunday, which left me too tired to do anything else than watch the Tour de France Femmes in the afternoon :).