Weekly Update (Week 31, 2022)


This week it’s been a bit hot on my city, so I haven’t been able to do much exercise other than two bouldering sessions at the gym. At home, I’ve started to do this Lower Body flexibility training by Lattice Training, we’ll see in a few months if it pays off and if I continue to do it.

Since I’ve been playing around with Go, I took the opportunity to migrate the note-taking tool I did and use daily to Go (Metalmind). It was quite easy and straightforward. There was not that much code, but still I was gladly surprised everything went smooth. The tool is still a work-in-progress, so I have in the pipeline a few more improvements to add.

I also discovered this Japanese channel (NHK WORLD-JAPAN) which has quite a few interesting documentaries. During lunch this week I watched The Unknown Master of Restoration and Lessons From Granny Mochi, both of which I highly recommend 😀.