Weekly Update (Week 33, 2022)

Posted Aug 21, 2022

Tried the board game Kingdom Run on a local bar this week. It’s pretty simple and short, but I think it was good to start the night with it. We were just two players, but I think it’s really meant to be played between three or four players. After that I played Scrabble, and I lost (as always :)). I went with the intent of playing Pandemic, but it was not possible 🥲.

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to keep doing my daily flexibility training at home. Due to this, I decided to buy a dumbbell and extend a bit the scope of the daily training. For now I’ve just added Concentration Curls, but I’m targeting more towards a Full-Body Exercise.

On other news, I’m slowly deprecating my usage of AWS. This week I’ve migrated my website to sourcehut pages. I’ve also used the opportunity to simplify a bit the theme and the way the information is presented. I still have to migrate the domain out, and maybe some S3 buckets, which I plan to do in the next weeks.