Weekly Update (Week 34, 2022)


Made it to the Testing Overview chapter in Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming over Time and discovered the Testing on the Toilet one-pagers from Google. We already had something similar at the office, but they were quite old, so I’m thinking of replacing them with these by Google 😝.

Last year I started to use Miniflux locally on my Linux partition as a feeds reader. I couldn’t find an online service that I liked, and Miniflux has everything that I need and nothing more. Because I’ve been using it frequently, I decided to migrate it to my Raspberry Pi, so I can access it from both the Windows partition, and my work laptop. The process was super easy, and exporting and importing the feeds was surprisingly straightforward.

This week launched the new 6.2 FFXIV patch, which is quite nice. I started to play FFXIV on December 2021, and when 6.1 came out I was still leveling up, so this is the first time I actually enjoy the content as it comes out. It’s quite fun to be on the raids/trials without many people having any idea what’s going on haha. Right now I’m focusing on getting the highest level gear I can to participate on the Savage raids.

I also have my own island now 😀.

Fosto Tun on his island