Weekly Update (Week 48, 2022)


I’m ~52 hours into Stellaris and I finally feel I understand, at least, the core mechanics to play and really enjoy it. To be fair, it’s quite fun once you get over that initial bump. Here’s the race that I’m using to play “tall”:

Fondongo, Fongo Union ruler

On other news, I have shelved my Keychron K2 and I’ve taken out my ErgoDox EZ. The reason why I had initially stopped using the ErgoDox (which I bought in 2020) was because, on a vacation break where I only had my laptop, I noticed that I struggled to use the keyboard laptop. I had become so used to the ortholinear setup of the ErgoDox, that I kept making mistakes on my laptop. I decided to give it another try because the Keychron is just too small, and I have to bend my wrists too much to use it. My plan now is to use the ErgoDox at home, and the laptop keyboard at the office, and hope that I’ll help my brain learn to use both efficiently.

On the projects side, I’m currently trying to implement a card’s board game in Svelte with Go. I was looking for an opportunity to do a small multiplayer game in the browser, and the other day as I was playing a board game with my family, this idea popped up. So far Svelte is quite nice to work it, a bit simpler than React (and much simpler than Angular). It has some weird syntax in some cases, but it tends to work well. We’ll see how it goes.