Stellaris: Arturitos Authocracy v2

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This is the log of the playthrough of Arturitos Authocracy v2, a machine Stellaris empire, against the AI between December 11th, 2022 and December 18th, 2022. The empire was a Gestalt Consciousness with a Machine Intelligence government.

The whole empire consisted of 10 systems, which by 2500.01.20 had 8 Machine Worlds on it and a completed Ring World. It kept to itself as an isolationist during most of its history, but during the last years it changed stance to cooperative. Together with the Qix’Lufran Multitude founded the League of Sapient Nations federation, as a strategy to take power from the biggest empire in the galaxy, the Yl’Khahan Star Regime. However, the Qix’Lufran Multitude was unable (or unwilling) to do much during the war, and thus the strategy failed.


2200.01.01. Started in a pretty nice area, with surprisingly LOTS of planets.


2215.12.14. Decided I’ll play a pretty small empire. I’m connected to the rest of the sytem through one choke point. Four colonies are settled, and there are other four planets still available. I haven’t found any other civilization yet.


2267.08.29. There were some mining drones blocking my way to the rest of the galaxy, so I didn’t explore much until my neighbors cleared them out. I’ve slowly started to colonize the rest of the planets in my sector.


2306.05.21. I now have three Machine Worlds, and the two remaining are being converted. A lot of empires started to war each other these last years, but so far I haven’t gotten any threat, not even a rivalry I think. I would like to have a non-aggression pact with my neighbors, but they don’t seem inclined to it yet. I’m still waiting for Megastructure options to show in the research ☹️.


2342.07.02. Finally got Megastructures! I’m now building the Science Nexus and starting to colonize the rest of the planets, as I also got the upgraded Machine Assembly Complex and I’m assembling pops like crazy. There is one other empire in the galaxy that’s constantly sending me subjugation requests, which I’m ignoring. Anyway, even though their army is overwhelmenly more powerful than what I currently have, I suspect they won’t be able to pass through my ~50k damage defense platforms at this point.


2381.03.25. I now have the Science Nexus, the Sentry Array and I’m on my way to finish the Dyson Sphere and the Ring World. I’ve done two more starbases in case the first one falls during an attack.


2427.02.17. All Megastructures are now complete (except a Gateway, which I don’t yet have a need for). The precursor system showed up just a few years ago, and sadly spawned in a place which added a new choke point to enter my sector. I had to add a new starbase there, and a couple more just behind in case the first one falls. At this point I’m running out of ideas on where to spend the resources, and I’m mostly waiting for the crisis to kill all the other empires. However I’m not sure that’s going to happen as they’ve gotten quite powerful 🤔. We’ll see.


2500.01.20. The crisis came and went without making too much of a fuss. A few years before the crisis spawned, another machine empire appeared and started to destroy the second biggest empire on the galaxy. By the time the Unbidden arrived, the machine empire had enough power to kill them in a few years. After that, I founded a federation with the hopes of setting free some of the vassals of the biggest empire, but even though I had a big advantage during the war, the other empire just wouldn’t surrender, and thus had to settle in a status quo. Immediatelly after that the game ended, and Arturitos Authocracy v2 ended up as second place.