Children of Time

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Children of Time


You can never know. That is the problem with ignorance. You can never truly know the extent of what you are ignorant about. — p. 274

They are performing that oldest of tricks: constructing a path by which to reach a destination, only in this case the destination is permanent security. With each step they take towards it, that security recedes. And, with each step they take, the cost of progressing towards such security grows, and the actions required to move forward become more and more extreme. — p. 291

At last the words fought themselves free, ‘Promise me—’ ‘Nothing,’ she snapped instantly. ‘No promises. The universe promises us nothing; I extend the same to you. — p. 356

The time is finally here. The battle for tomorrow is beginning. If they lose, then there will be no future for them and, with that severed tomorrow, all their yesterdays will be undone as well. The universe will turn, but it will be as though they had never existed. — p. 391